Location of Chalet Mazel

Map reference: N 46 °13.765´ E 7 ° 25.977´ (Swiss Grid 599488,119625)

The canton of Valais is in the south-west of Switzerland on the Italian border and just to the east of Lake Geneva. The broad Rhône valley, bordered by the Pennine Alps to the South and the Bernese Alps to the north, is the main feature of the canton. Our chalet is in the small mountain village of Nax. The village is on a small plateau high above the Rhône at an altitude of 1310 m. (4300 feet). This area is one of the most unspoiled and undeveloped areas of Switzerland. The nearest large town is Sion, the canton capital. The journey from Geneva to Sion takes less than 2 hours by motor way or train. The chalet is about 20 minutes drive from Sion up a good alpine road. It is a typical Swiss mountain village with magnificent views of the Rhône valley and the Bernese Alps. Although small Nax, has all the essential facilities, e.g. two small general shops, a butcher's, baker's, ski shop, ski school, post office, several restaurants, a church, swimming pool and tennis courts. Sion, the canton capital, is very historic and has many medieval buildings coupled with up-market shops and tourist facilities of every form.
The Valais is renowned for its sunny climate and many days with cloudless blue skies are normal at all times of the year. Nax is in the French speaking area. Language does not seem to be a problem as the Swiss are very co-operative. 

A map of Switzerland

  A view of the village from our balcony

Village from balcony

Nax is 900m higher than Sion. Temperatures in Nax will be lower.

Sion is the nearest on-line weather location.

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